This song and game from Tabanan, Bali illustrates the growing process of a mango (poh), starting as a seed planted in the ground. The seed grows into a tree that grows flowers that develop into fruit that eventually become ripe for eating when they fall off the tree. In this game, the process of waiting for the mango to ripen teaches children important lessons about self-discipline and patience. To play the game, two people are selected to act as mango pickers. The mango pickers face one another and hold each other’s hands above their heads in order to form a bridge for others to walk under. The players remaining represent the mangos to be picked. They form a line holding either the waist or shoulders of the person in front of him/her. The line leader snakes the line around in a figure eight formation. On the very last note of the final verse of the song, the mango pickers lower their arms and 'catch' a mango. This person steps out of the line and the song/game is played again until another mango is 'caught'. The two mangos that have been caught then become the mango pickers and form a bridge for the next round of fun.

Watch this young girl pronounce the lyrics to

the song Poh-Pohan