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Children's Songs & Games from Bali

This delightful collection of children's folksongs and games from Bali is perfect for elementary classrooms exploring cultural traditions from around the world.


The collection includes:

  • An Introductory Booklet containing:

    • a colorful topographical map of Bali

    • a description of the island of Bali and its people

    • a description of the context and historical background of the project

    • a guide to reading Titilaras Nding-Ndong notation (the notation system used in Bali)

    • a pedagogical guide for creating lesson plans

    • biographies of the author, collaborator, composer, and illustrators

  • Thirteen Song Booklets (10 for songs with games, 3 for songs without games). Each song booklet includes:

    • a beautifully illustrated cover by Balinese artists

    • a description of the song and how it is related to daily life in Bali

    • a description of how to play the game

    • the song notated in Titilaras Nding-Ndong notation

    • the lyrics in Basa Bali (the language spoken in Bali) and a transliteration in English

    • an arrangement of the song by famed Balinese composer, Ketut Gede Asnawa. Each arrangement is notated in Western notation and can be performed on gamelan (the instrumental ensemble most common in Bali) or on classroom Orff instruments.

  • A Build-Your-Own Shadow Puppet Kit containing three puppets (Arjuna, Krishna, and the Kayon) that you can color, cut out, and assemble on your own.  ​

  • Access to the multimedia portion of this website, which includes:​

    • high definition videos of Balinese children playing the games​

    • high definition videos of Balinese children singing the songs

    • high definition videos of Balinese children pronouncing the lyrics

    • audio recordings of gamelan

    • photographs of Bali

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