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This cat and mouse chasing game is a favorite among children in Bali. Two people are chosen to play the cat and mouse and the rest act as a barrier. The mouse stays in the center of the circle while the cat tries to find an opening or weak spot in the circle. Those creating the barrier aid the mouse in entering and exiting the circle by lifting and lowering their arms. They do not, however, help the cat; and in fact, try to obstruct the cat as much as possible. Once the cat catches the mouse, the two people reverse roles. The person playing cat become mouse and mouse becomes cat. The round ends, when both players have both chased and successfully tagged one another.

Watch this pop arrangement of Meong-Meong by 

I Putu (Eka) Budiyasa (performing guitar) 

and some of his friends from Kerambitan, Tabanan, Bali:


Anak Agung Bagus (Putra) Prasetia

I Made (Ana) Wirawan

Gede Bagus (Adi)tiya Surya Wisnawa

Ni Wayan (Kintan) Cahayani

Ni Putu (Mareta) Candra Dewi

Ni Made (Mita) Dewiyanti

Watch this young girl pronounce the lyrics to the

song Meong-Meong

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