Sut Tultaltil is a type of selection game. To play this game, two players stand up or sit facing one another with their right forearms touching. The two players tap their forearms to the beat as they sing the song. On the last syllable of the last word sagu, the two players reveal either their pinky, forefinger, or thumb. Similar to the game Rock, Paper, Scissors, each symbol wins over another. In this version, the pinky represents an ant, the forefinger represents a human, and the thumb represents an elephant. The elephant beats the human, the human beats the ant, and the ant beats the elephant. 


In other parts of the island, Sut Daun (Voting Leaves) is a popular variation. Instead of ant, human, elephant, or rock, paper, scissors, an open hand represents a leaf, a closed hand represents a rock, and an index finger represents a thorn. Leaf beats rock, rock beats thorn, thorn beats leaf. All three variations are accompanied by the song Tultaltil, a song with the valuable message, that if you want to raise animals, then you must make sure to feed them!

Watch this arrangement of Sut Tultaltil by 

Anak Agung Bagus (Putra) Prasetia (performing guitar) 

and some of his friends from Kerambitan, Tabanan, Bali:


I Putu (Eka) Budiyasa

I Made (Ana) Wirawan

Gede Bagus (Adi)tiya Surya Wisnawa

Ni Wayan (Kintan) Cahayani

Ni Putu (Mareta) Candra Dewi

Ni Made (Mita) Dewiyanti

Watch this young girl pronounce the lyrics to

the song Tultaltil