This stone-passing game is a favorite among children in Bali. It is best played with 4-8 people. To play, select one person to be 'the seeker'. This person crouches down, rests their head on their forearms, and covers their eyes. The other players, known as 'the hiders', gather around the seeker and place both of their hands palm side up on the seeker's back. One hider is selected to tap a stone to the beat of the song Sijang-Sijang. They tap it in a clockwise motion on each person's palms. At some point during the song the stone is left in one of the hider's palms, but it is important to continue tapping until the end of the song. On the very last note of the song, all of the hiders close their palms and lift their hands above their heads. The seeker uncovers their eyes and then guesses who has the stone. If they guess correctly, that person becomes the next seeker. If the guess incorrectly, then they must be the seeker for the next round.

Watch this young girl pronounce the lyrics to

the song Sijang-Sijang