This fun game is about a nesting sea turtle.  To begin, two circles are drawn: one small and one large. The person playing the protector sits or squats in the center circle and spreads about 15-20 eggs (pebbles) around them. Everyone sings the song two times as the protector guards the eggs and the fishermen walk around the outer circle as if stalking. At the end of the song, the fishermen attempt to take the eggs without being touched by the protector. Eggs are considered successfully taken when they are all collected outside the outer circle. If the protector of the eggs touches one of the fishermen, then the protector wins. The role of protector then is replaced by the fisherman who was caught. Conversely, if the fishermen manage to take all the eggs, then the group of fishermen win. In this case, the protector returns and continues in their role or the group can decide to select a new protector. 

Watch this young girl pronounce the lyrics to

the song Penyu Mataluh