This game is a three-legged race that can be played as a competition between two or more couples or in larger teams. With large groups of people, two or three teams should select one pair to compete on their behalf while the other participants cheer on. To begin, each couple must stand side by side and hold hands. The inner ankles of each partner are then tied together by a supporting team member or referee. The two couples line up at a starting line. Everyone sings the song Ongkek-ongkek two times. After singing the last word Kaki (grandfather), the competitors scurry to another determined location and pick up two necklaces of flowers from the ground. Each participant must successfully place the necklaces over their partner’s head before scurrying back to the starting line. The first pair back to the starting line, wins. With a large group, the pair that won competes again for their team, while a new pair from the losing team is chosen to compete against the winning pair.

Watch this young girl pronounce the lyrics to

the song Ongkek-Ongkek