This game, and the title of the song, is about fishermen using nets to catch fish in the ocean. In the first video, you will notice a square on the playground that represents the 'ocean' where children, acting as 'fish', swim. Outside of the square are four children who represent the 'net' of the fishermen. After the song, Juru Pencar is sung twice, the four fishermen work together to catch all the 'fish' in the 'ocean'. Two important rules exist: 1) once the fish are out of the square they are considered 'out of the game', and 2) the four 'fishermen' must always have their arms linked together. The object of the game is for the fishermen to successfully bring each fish out of the 'ocean' without having their 'net' broken (arms unlinked by the fish).

Watch this pop arrangement of Juru Pencar by 

Anak Agung Bagus (Putra) Prasetia (performing guitar) 

and I Made (Ana) Wirawan from Kerambitan, Tabanan, Bali


Watch this young girl pronounce the lyrics to the

song Juru Pencar