This song translates to mean "raven stealing chicken eggs." The game associated with this song is a relay race between two teams. Two baskets are placed on the ground. One basket holds all the the 'eggs' for your team (about 20 marbles or pebbles). The object of the game is to successfully pick up all the 'eggs' from one basket and to transfer them to another basket at a determined location. The challenge lies with the process of picking up the 'eggs'. The game requires that you create a raven with your hands by interlocking your fingers except for the two index fingers. The two index fingers act as the raven's beak, while the remaining interlocked fingers act as the belly of the raven. Participants must pick up the 'eggs'  with their two index fingers, then 'swallow' the 'eggs' into the 'raven's belly' (the closed palms of your hands). Participants may pick up as many as they can fit or choose a set number per participant. The first group to get all their 'eggs' into their other basket, wins.

Watch this young girl pronounce the lyrics to

the song Goak Maling Taluh