The song, Dija Bulane? (Where is the Moon?), is a sweet conversation between cening (a child) and kaki (an older adult or grandfather) about the moon and its journey across the sky.  This song can be sung as a solo, duet, or in a larger group. With more than one person, it can be sung in call and response form—where one person or half the group sings the question of the first line of the verse and then others respond by singing the second line of the verse. Additionally, the song can be used as an activity where children act out the lyrics or the mythological story of Kala Rau—the demon who eats the moon (pictured in the background of this page). The ancient story of Kala Rau comes from the Mahabharata (one of two major Hindu epic poems followed by the Balinese) and is used to explain the occurrence of lunar and solar eclipses.

Watch this young girl pronounce the lyrics to

the song Dija Bulane